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About the Artist

David Rudd is a native Texan residing in the West Texas town of Odessa.
He is a self-taught painter who developed his style during his teenage years of the late 60's - early 70's
 David has,  over the last 30+ years, basically painted for his own pleasure, and hasn't shown his work outside the west Texas area, except on rare occasion. He has developed & refined his style, progressing thru a variety of series works. During the 70's, he concentrated on an extensive geometric series which,  sadly, has only minor representation here. The 80's brought on the sporadic "drippy" series and a general period of non-productivity. Most of the artistic energies of this time were focused on the punk/no-wave band "Research" in which David was the lead vocalist.
 Then, thru the 90's, David has concentrated on his "rock star" series, and then more recently, the "Psycho-Medical" series; with a few  unclassified experiments cropping up from time to time. We are continually working at improving the Ruddart Galleries to better represent the work of David as it has evolved over the last few decades.

This site features a showcase of modern art galleries featuring modern art paintings by contemporary artist David Rudd from Texas.  You will find some art galleries here made up of a variety of styles; from geometric to stars such as the 3 Stooges, Jim Morrison, & The Beatles: Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison; to weird and unusual images unlike anything else you've seen before.  We also have Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Manson, David Thomas, Jerry Garcia, Elvis, and Frank Zappa! These paintings are original and one of a kind.  We hope that you enjoy the art exhibitions and all of David Rudd's original paintings here at RuddArt.Com. Please check back soon to view the latest and most recent pages to!  Thank you!

David Rudd sits in his living room and discusses his paintings as well as two new books that feature his works Thursday at his home on 12th Street in Odessa. Five of Rudd’s paintings are featured in two new books, ‘Beatles Art’ and ‘Marilyn in Art.’
Fab Four land Odessan in new book

Photo by Kevin Buehler
Odessa American

Being featured in a published art book is a major accomplishment, but for Odessan David Rudd, his brush is a bit broader than most. He is currently featured in coffee table art books about the Beatles and Marilyn Monroe.

“David’s (Beatles) artwork was a modern type of interpretation — modern in that it was unique and a very good quality,” Boxigami Books publishing director Jeff Webb said.

In “Beatles Art,” David Rudd has four acrylic portraits from 1993 featured. The paintings are appropriately titled “John,” “Paul,” “George” and “Ringo” and each took about 20 to 30 hours to paint.
“I pretty much grew up on the Beatles. I fell in love in 1964 in the fourth grade,” Rudd said.
Rudd painted the portraits after a 1993 Paul McCartney concert “kind of fired me up,” he said.
After he finished painting the McCartney portrait, he thought that it came out so well, he had to paint the rest of the Fab Four.
Rudd’s work captures the 1967 Beatles because “it was always kind of a mysterious era for the Beatles. It’s a better era to do my thing on — the early Beatles,” Rudd said.

Rudd’s “thing” is a simplistic style of painting that has evolved over 35 years of painting.
“I like to keep my art as simple as possible and still get the image across,” Rudd said of his style. “It’s what sets me apart from everyone else. I’m just very basic.”

In addition to “Beatle Art,” Rudd is also featured in “Marilyn in Art” with his painting “Monroe.”


Drive to create fuels Odessa artist

Odessa contemporary artist David Rudd
is a self-taught painter who developed his style during his teenage years

By Ruth Friedberg
Photo by Paul Zoeller
Odessa American





David Rudd has that drive to create – whether in art or music.

He does hand-brushed acrylic work that viewers would swear is airbrushed. His subjects are medical art, rock stars or in one instance, a man dressed in a gas mask and business suit derived from a 30-year-old set of encyclopedias. “I guess I’ve always been interested in art and music as long as I can remember,” Rudd said. The 49-year-old Fort Worth native said he moved from drawing to painting when he was 16 or 17 and has been tickling the bristles ever since. He’s done two or three oil paintings, but acrylic is his favorite. Images derived from medical reference books are among his favorite subjects.
Before he got connected to the Internet, Rudd said he used to check out medical books from the library.
“I’ve always been fascinated with medical imagery,” Rudd said.

His medical art series, he said, is “some of the most original work I’ve done. They’re just kind of puzzling.”

His rock star series, as Rudd calls it, includes the Beatles, PJ Harvey, Frank Zappa, David Thomas, part of a band called Pere Ubu and Sparks, a band since the 70s.

Rudd said he has quite a few paintings at Proteus, an Odessa hair salon, and Everywhair, another salon in Midland. He also has his work posted on the Internet and has sold several paintings through his site. Through his site, Rudd said he’s formed a worldwide fan base. It takes Rudd an average of 40 hours to finish a painting, although some take 25 or even 100 hours, depending on how much work is involved. “I’ve got to have it all drawn out in pencil exactly the way it needs to be,” Rudd said.
Rudd got his training from Delmos Hickmott and Barry Phillips the Elder at Odessa College. “They probably didn’t think they’d ever get rid of me,” he said. But Rudd added that he liked having the room at Odessa College to work and stretch canvas.
But he eventually departed. For his day job, Rudd works for interior decorator Gail Etheredge-Woods doing all her faux finish work, wall art and refinishing cabinets. Etheredge-Woods said Rudd has worked for her full-time for five or six years.
During the last 10 to 15 years, Rudd said he’s been trying to improve his painting. “I don’t get that much time to work on stuff,” he said. But he’s done one painting in the last month or so. Rudd and Bill Robinson also recently re-formed the band Research, which he said, “terrorized the area” from 1979 to 1987. Rudd said he and Robinson perform “no wave,” art rock, punk and experimental music. Rudd said he has co-written some music, but he mainly sings. “I just have to be able to create something — a new painting, new music. I don’t quite feel right unless I’m doing something like that. … It just brings me a lot of joy to paint what I want to see,” Rudd said.



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